How I edit my Instagram pictures

Today we’re going to talk about Instagram, the absolute king of Social Media and my favourite platform at the moment. I want to talk to you about editing because that is one of the most important things in my opinion. What draws your attention when you first go on someone’s Instagram profile? That’s right! The feed!

The feed needs to be kept clean and organized in order to draw attention. I love stopping by someone’s IG profile and seeing the attention and effort they put in order to make their pictures work with each other.

Today we will be talking about editing apps, effects and how I edit my Instagram pictures because I received a lot of questions lately and I decided to write an article about this so head down below and let’s start.

Acesta nu va fi un articol obisnuit in care va arat cum m-am imbracat sau vreun loc anume. In acest articol vreau sa vorbim despre Instagram, regele regesc al social media-ului in momentul de fata si o aplicatie pe care daca nu ai trait sub o stanca ai folosit-o macar odata in viata ta.

Da, Instagram-ul a fost lansat in anul 2010 si usor usor a luat locul Facebook-ului pentru multi dintre noi. Personal prefer Instagramul pentru ca mi se pare mai personal, interfata e mult mai friendly si mai atractiva iar zi de zi gasesc inspiratie acolo.

Desigur ca Instagramul, ca mai orice in zilele noastre poate fi folosit atat ca hobby dar si ca metoda de a iti monetiza blogul, shop-ul sau business-ul tau oricare ar fi el. In primul rand, pentru a face asta primul pas este sa avem grija ca feed-ul nostru sa fie pus la punct. Pozele sa se potriveasca intre ele, bio-ul sa fie intact si de preferat username-ul sa fie unul cat mai simplu si de efect ca oamenii sa te poata gasii usor.

Nu sunt nici pe departe o experta, inca mai am o multime de lucruri de invatat si mai mult decat orice inca sunt in cautarea temei perfecte pentru feed-ul meu iar despre asta vom vorbii azi. Tema feed-ului se refera la felul de a iti edita si aranja pozele astfel incat sa fie toate la fel si sa se potriveasca, nu stiu cate dintre voi respectati o anumita tema insa eu personal sunt mult mai atrasa de profilurile organizate, clean si cat mai diversificate asa ca e aici, finally, Doamne ajuta, m-am indurat sa il scriu. Here you have cum imi editez eu pozele de Instagram.




1. The first thing I do is open Facetune 2. Now, in this picture, I have a lot of white things which means I will always use the Whiten feature in the app in order to make them look as white as possible just because I think it makes the picture look nicer and cleaner. So, in this picture, I whitened the white parts on the boat, my sneakers and also the jumper I wore.



2. The second thing I usually do is zoom in the picture and take care of the way my skin looks. I do have a pretty clean skin at all but I always use the Smooth feature just to make it look even better. I used it on my face and neck at 100% because the picture is taken far enough so it won’t look fake at all but be careful! If you are editing a selfie you might need to use the Smooth feature at around 40-50 % in order to have it look natural.


3. The next thing I do then is I use the Details feature for my hair, jumper, sneakers and the boat just to make them stand out a bit and show more clearer. The percent I use for this feature is usually 30-40%.


4. Now, I didn’t see any videos about Instagram editing where people use the Facetune filters but I am telling you these are life-savers, not all of them of course but the majority. So, what I use is the FG1 filter at 50%. This gives my picture somewhat of warm tones but it still looks natural. After this, I save it in my camera roll and move on to the next app.


5. This is how the picture looks for now and what I did next was open up the VSCO app and use the A5 filter at +6.0. Since my feed isn’t that colorful and I like to keep it like this I found this filter combined with the Facetune one to be exactly what I need.


6. After I finished with all the filters I simply move on to Contrast +0.5, Sharpen +0.5 as well Clarity +0.5 and we are almost done.


7.One more tip I have for you guys which I ”stole” from miss @tashieinks is to add just a hint of tint to my pictures and it will make a noticeable difference so here you go. Just a touch of pink as I use just +0.5 but trust me, if I would not use it you will notice immediately

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