People who bring you down as a blogger ( or at least try to )




Evening peeps! Today I am back with a new article, this time it will be kind of a sad one but this needs to be said and cleared isn’t it?

Today’s article will be about bloggers, blogger friendships, fake friendships and people who try to bring you down because they envy your success or your collaborations and jobs.

It is a tough and sensitive subject, some of us were pretty hurt because of this kind of friendships and after talking with a few fellow blogger girls about this, I quickly realized that it is actually becoming quite a trend if I might say. Blogging is a huge industry, it grows more and more every day and everyone in it is different. Why should we try and copy other’s people work, pic captions or editing skills when we can develop our own? Why should we envy people with cool collaborations and be hateful towards them when actually we could just work harder for ourselves so that the next time we email that brand they won’t be able to say no?


This subject is a sensitive one for me as well, not just since I started blogging but also in my life before that, because I am the kind of person who puts their trust in anyone really easily, I am sociable and sometimes ( or most of the times ) I end up being hurt because I tend to believe everyone is as nice as I am ( or sometimes I try to be haha ). I have been hurt, not once! I have been hurt by people who I thought will be my friends forever and I know the feeling. Ever since starting blogging one year ago, I started realizing day-by-day that even though, in the beginning, I felt as if this thing of being a blogger is completely perfect and without hate, I was so so wrong.


People will try to bring you down, whether through bad comments or mean words and gossips behind your back and there is nothing you can do but move on and try to be more careful next time. Make sure you know your values and make sure you pay very good attention to anyone that gets close to you. I am not saying you should become paranoid but a little extra attention never bothered anyone.

The blogging industry is beautiful but at the same time full of traps and pretending people, stay true to yourself, work hard and enjoy every minute of it because  no matter, if you do it as a hobby or as a full-time career, being a blogger, is one of the most challenging but beautiful things you will do in your life. 🙂




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  1. Tracey Johnston aka Styling and Smiling says:

    What a beautiful heartfelt blog. The world is s hard enough place without women bringing down other women. We should be empowering each other. I’m in awe of how hard you all work every day, I honestly do not know how you keep on top of it all. I would never go out of my way to throw hate at someone, I think it is vile & a disgusting trait of someone’s personality. It all comes down to jealousy & someone’s own self doubt! Having someone emulate your style & posts should be seen as a nod to what you are doing fab, should not be sniggered at and talked about. Shame on those people. There is room on social media for everyone. You should be very proud of all that you have achieved. You are an inspiration and s beautiful young woman with amazing style. For those haters you don’t need them in your life, they will eventually topple iff their thrones that they put themselves on.

    1. theblondewaves says:

      Thanks, babe x I honestly believe there should not be hate anywhere not just on social media but there is nothing we can do. Thank you for reading this and for expressing your thoughts xx

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