4 places you need see in Romania

1.Hunyad Castle – Hunedoara, Romania


2. Salt Mine – Turda, Romania


3. Sighisoara, Romania


4. Transfagarasan Road, Romania


Travel. Explore. Dream. Discover. These could easily be my new life slogan. I don’t know about you guys but I love to discover new places. Places where I can feel the freedom, where I can discover new things, where I can dream and find myself.

Although there are thousands of places like this all around the world, my favorites are by the sea. I’ve mentioned this before, and I really don’t mean to brag about it but I just cannot find something more beautiful than sitting on the beach and getting lost in the sound of the waves while the moon is strongly shining, illuminating everything with its own power.

I will be soon taking a trip back to Romania, my home country and even if I come from a very small town, far far away from the seaside, there are still some things which MUST be visited if you ever find yourself there ( and I strongly recommend you to go ).

Transylvania. Best known for stories about vampires and werewolves but is not just that. Transylvania is full of castles, caves, and lakes which are amazingly beautiful and landscapes that will leave you breathless.

Today I will be showing you guys 4 of these places. Which one is your favorite?



Tututror ne place sa calatorim, sa exploram, sa visam si sa descoperim. Nu stiu despre voi, dar mie personal imi place sa descopar locuri noi, locuri in care sa ma simt libera, locuri in care sa visez si sa ma regasesc.

Multe din aceste locuri sunt la malul marii. Nu stiu de ce dar stand pe plaja si holbandu-ma la valurile marii, in special noaptea cand luna este sus si este liniste este unul din cele mai frumoase lucruri de pe acest pamant. Curand voi pleca catre Romania, tara mea natala si desii vin dintr-un oras mic, departe de malul marii, chiar si acolo avem cateva locuri care merita vizitate.

Transilvania in special, cunoscuta drept taramul varcolacilor si al vampirilor este plina de castele, cetati si locuri care te vor infiora cu istoria lor, face curios despre vremurile demult apuse si bucura la vederea minunatelor peisaje.

Mai sus aveti 4 din locurile mele preferate. Vazute. Descoperite si mai mult ca sigur recomandate din tot sufletul. Care e preferatul vostru?

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