Q: What is the evidence that home visits ultimately make a difference โ€” student performance? After the 4th year of training, a formal letter will be sent home for parental signature and a conference will be organized with parents, students and teachers to develop strategies to mitigate persistent delays. Q: Why is it important for everyone to be able to attend home visits to the school, especially classroom teachers? The JTFS agreement policy was developed by a committee of parents and collaborators to strengthen practices and develop habits within our students that would promote academic success and ensure the best possible learning environment. Every year, students, parents and staff are invited to sign our JTFS Pact, which is committed to respecting their part of this agreement. As a school of choice, respect for the principles of this agreement is a prerequisite. It is our responsibility to monitor student respect and to intervene to bring students and families to meet our expectations. We will work closely with students and parents to help resolve issues before considering a student`s probation status. Our goal is to work as a team to find successful interventions and solutions. Thorpe staff make recommendations in cases where offences are committed with respect to slowness, attendance, homework, class work, behaviour and dress code. In some cases, when our progressive interventions have not been effective, students are released on parole and end up losing the opportunity to continue in Thorpe and return to their neighbourhood school. A: This model aims to support the overall success of students by conducting large-scale home visits instead of one or two specific staff visitors.

There has to be a turning point in participation to see changes at the school level (and not just in individual classes – even if that`s a good thing). Here are some of the reasons why teachers tell us it is important for them to participate: A: The cost of home visits is often of immediate importance, but we find that it is generally not the main obstacle to organizing home visits, even in difficult exercises. Here is some general information that will help you plan: A: Parent Teacher Home Visits (PTHV) has a network of school communities that have adopted and adapted our relationship approach to housing-school partnership in a wide range of locations. While each implements the model a little differently, they follow all five basic non-negotiable practices that make our home visits effective, sustainable and successful. Q: What about security? What other common barriers to home visits by parents` teachers? Unacceptable behavior, which is a direct violation of california`s education code 48900, can result in an immediate blockage of one to five days. Students with special needs are taken into account according to their individual education plan (IEP) or 504 accommodation plan. ยท Since good school attendance is an important factor in academic success and public funding is based only on actual student attendance at school, all students are expected to attend school every day if they are well. Students are expected to stay at home only if they are visibly ill, have a significant temperature and/or are contagious. A: There are several ways to track home visits: Q: What kinds of results should we expect to measure and/or changes that we should expect as a result of home visits by parents of children? After the 9th absence, a probation meeting may be held and the student may be required to bring a medical note for any future absence.

The school can also send the district visiter for a home visit.