Hello, guys xx It’s almost the end of February and because I know that many of you will start looking and booking their holidays soon I decided to write a post about my experience with one of the biggest travel agents on the market. Last Minute.com.

Last year I went to Malta, I was used with going holidays but it was never me the one organizing them. Last year I took it upon me and decided to go surf the web for great deals. We weren’t sure where we wanted to go, we just wanted something not too expensive but nice and after reading and reading a whole lot of different websites and forums, we finally agreed, Malta is a beautiful, dreamy but cheap European destination to go. It was in top 10 destinations for 2017 and so far from what we have seen on Google, it looked really amazing.

The whole process of finding good deals can be quite overwhelming and booking each thing separately was not an option back then so I had to find something. Finally, I managed to open the last minute website and I found the perfect offer. 10 nights stay in Malta for two people + return flight + private shuttle from the Luqa airport to the hotel and back for £500. Without thinking too much we took the offer, paid for it and received the confirmation. While we were waiting for the confirmation email, we started reading all kind of bad reviews about Last Minute. Some people were saying they are scammers, some people were saying they were sent off to hotels they did not pay for. One on top of the other, out of 40 reviews there were like 10 good ones and the rest of them bad. That was when I started getting a bit skeptical about it.

Around mid-April last year, I received an email from Last Minute where they were telling me that the hotel I paid for was undergoing renovations and that they won’t be able to honor my reservation and gave me a list of 5 hotels I could change for without paying anything extra. I started panicking but anyway looked over the new offers and found a really nice one which was called BluBay Apartments, off onto the coast of Sliema.


I sent them lots and lots of emails to make sure this was actually genuine, I also got in touch with the BluBay’s reception making sure they had the reservations on our names and also called Ryan Air to make sure our flight was booked  ( paranoid much? ) and all this just because of the bad reviews I read on the internet.

The departure date arrived and after a ”small” delay of 3 hours, we managed to get to Luqa Airport around 1:00 AM. Fortunately, the private shuttle was waiting for us even if we were supposed to be there at 10:00 PM and they took us straight to the hotel. Blu Bay apartments are situated at 1 minute walk away from the seaside, on a really nice street full of stores where you can get anything from. We were lucky enough to also have pool ( which we didn’t knew about before hand ) and our room balcony was just above the pool. When we made the first reservation, we actually paid for a studio room but what we found when we arrived at BluBay was more than that. Everything was brand new and modern, the whole apartment was clean and decorated in a minimalistic style. The bathroom was spacious and everything was in perfect state. We were so pleased with the apartment and the services received that we swore we will go back. The cleaning team was there every day to clean throughout the whole space and the whole staff was really preoccupied of how the guests felt and if everything was as they wished to be.



My point after this small story is that I am well aware that we should always read the reviews and do our research, especially about travel agencies. I am guilty I didn’t but as bad as it started, the final outcome was absolutely wonderful. I am happy I did not read the reviews before hand because if I would have then I would have ended up paying more for God knows what service. I am not saying you should do the same and take the risk, I am saying that a bit more research should be involved in the whole process of relying on a travel agent. Not just reading the reviews posted online.

P.S I am not paid at all to talk about either Last Minute or BluBay Apartments xx




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