The agreement does not apply to trade in services. Indeed, there is no recent agreement between the EU and Switzerland that is specifically aimed at trade in services. However, we have taken steps to ensure continued trade in services between the UK and Switzerland from 1 January 2021. What does Brexit mean for customs and transport clearance? During the transition period until the end of December 2020, customs and transport procedures will remain unchanged. Goods that are still in transit after the end of the transitional period remain considered preferential products, provided that a certificate of movement of goods from the exporting country is issued retroactively within 12 months. The agreement sticks to the social security coordination laws that currently apply, within the framework of the free movement of persons, to citizens of both states as well as to citizens of other EU countries who wish to work in Switzerland or the United Kingdom. Not all agreements on economic and trade relations between Switzerland and the EU could be adopted under the Swiss-UK trade agreement, as they still depend on the future eu-UK solution. This has created some loopholes that continue to create uncertainty: after the UK`s withdrawal, it is now up to the EU and the UK to negotiate a free trade agreement for the remaining transitional period until the end of 2020, with the aim of signing it by the end of the year. EU legislation will continue to be applied in the UK during the transitional period. These include EU trade rules, such as the EU VAT system and other tax directives, internal market rules and the customs union. Switzerland and the United Kingdom have signed an agreement in London on maintaining social security rights in the event of a Non-Brexit Deal. The text is in line with the Swiss government`s insemination strategy.

As part of its integration strategy, Switzerland has concluded at an early stage a series of new agreements with the United Kingdom in the areas of trade, migration, road and air transport and insurance. The aim of this strategy is to protect existing reciprocal rights and obligations as much as possible. Secondly, cooperation between Switzerland and the United Kingdom will be strengthened beyond current levels, in the interests of both parties (Mind the Gap). See the list of minimum transactions in Article 7 of the Origin Protocol in the text of the UK-Switzerland trade agreement. On 31 October, it was announced that a new agreement had been signed between Switzerland and the United Kingdom. This transitional agreement (as part of the Swiss “Mind the Gap” strategy) covers the “no deal” scenario and ensures that the rules of the agreement on the free movement of persons in the field of social security apply until 31 December 2020. Once the agreement comes into effect, you can get retrospective certificates of origin from your usual supplier, for example. B chambers of commerce. If it were to enter into force, the transitional agreement would be time-limited and, in principle, applicable until December 31, 2020, the government said in a statement on Thursday. For more information, see: The EU trade agreement with Switzerland, both the UK and Switzerland`s current PGI, continue to fall within the scope of this agreement.

The agreement protects 45 uk geographic companies. The tariff quotas in the agreement have been specially adapted in the United Kingdom. The new agreement is more comprehensive compared to the December 2018 agreement, as it guarantees the implementation of the agreement on the free movement of persons and therefore includes all EU citizens. This means that even if a person is subject to Swiss social security after 31 January 2020, an A1 could still be requested. You can continue to use EU materials or processing in your exports to Switzerland. The United Kingdom and Switzerland must have met the requirements of the origin protocol. They must also ensure that the work or transformation carried out in the United Kingdom goes beyond the minimum operations provided for in the agreement and that the other relevant conditions are