The name rules you can give yourself are the same if you and your partner only live together or if you are civil partners. You have the right, under what name you want too, and you can change that name at any time. An in-depth study of medieval trade in Europe shows that many major credit-based transactions did not have interest rates. This is why pragmatism and common sense have demanded fair compensation for credit risk and compensation for the opportunity costs of granting credit, without using it for other fertile purposes. To circumvent the usurious laws promulgated by the Church, other forms of reward were created, notably by the widespread form of the commenda partnership, which was very popular with Italian merchant bankers. [3] Florentine commercial banks were almost certain to get a positive return on their loans, but this would be before taking solvency risks into account. The scholarship rules are the same whether you live with your partner or have registered a registered partnership. The partnership agreement should govern the purpose, nature and extent of partner contributions, management and representation power, distribution of profits and losses, termination of the business and departure of partners. Article 7A:1681 Legal acts carried out on behalf of and on behalf of the professional society A provision which states that a full legal act has been declared for the company binds only the partner who performs that deed and not the other partners, unless they have given him a mandate (power) to act on behalf of the company, or unless they have given a mandate to the company. , or, the result of such a legal act is to the benefit of the partnership. Article 7A:1655 Definition of a “partnership” A partnership is a contract in which two or more people have come together to gather something to share the benefits.

Article 7A:1660 Special Partnership – A specific partnership is a partnership that concerns only certain real estate or its use or benefits, or a business or the behavior of a particular company or profession.