First London Fashion Week Experience: Yay or Nay?




London. Color, boldness, big crowds, tube and a lot of surreal places. First time in London can be quite overwhelming. Noise, people everywhere, diversity and the smell of the traffic. The city that never sleeps ( or was that New York? ).

Today we will be talking about London Fashion Week. Last week I was lucky enough to attend my first LFW experience. The excitement was real when the invitations started to arrive. All those nights when I went to sleep late because of sending emails were worth it and here I was. On my way to London, nervous but happy at the same time.

I have only done two out of five days and that was mainly because I did not stay in London, I was actually going back and forth from where I live to London and back. It was not easy and I learned my lesson, next time we’ll definitely get a hotel. I regret only doing two days, there were shows I got invitations to and missed them. All that was left to do was to watch other people’s insta stories, people who were there already ( such a bad life ).



There is a first time for anything anyway and I guess this first year really got me ready for the next season. There are quite a few things to consider when you are getting ready for LFW or any fashion week really and the most important one of them, in my opinion, is, BE YOURSELF!

You hear it every day, I know, I really do, but this is what I actually realized.  The pressure industry puts on people who attend is so big, they say you have to dress a certain way, they say you have to wear heels or God knows what else. Please please please don’t forget that if you wear something you are uncomfortable with that can be seen so easily, the overall effect will be a bad one and you won’t enjoy the day just because those shoes are too uncomfortable or that dress is too tight. Personally, I choose to be comfortable so I wore two casual outfits.

The next thing I learned is that YOU SHOULD NOT! care what people think. I am not saying you should go there naked ( or if you want is up to you ) but no matter what you wear or do, there will always be people who will give you ”the look”. ”The look” is something I’ve heard a lot of the bloggers who attended talk about. The look is when you walk into a showroom or a presentation hall or somewhere and the industry people scan you from head to toe, in that moment is either your outfit passed or failed. Is the difference between you being a success or not, but that is none of your business. As long as you feel comfortable in the clothes you are wearing you should not, I repeat you should not care about what they think.

I must admit I was overwhelmed when I first got at 180 The Strand, that was the main location for the fashion week and as I was approaching it felt as if I walked out of the real world and stepped into a completely different one. I am not going to lie, when I first got there I felt underdressed, I felt as if my clothes were not good enough and I felt as if everyone will judge me. It didn’t take me long to realize that is not like that, that all is in my head and that I love my outfit and I shouldn’t care what the others wore.



Third and the last thing I learned is that there is a category of people who all they care about is if they sit front row or not. Of course, I would love to sit front row at every show, I won’t deny that but how about instead of concentrating on where we sit, we concentrate on the show we are there to see. How about we concentrate on the pieces presented or on the colors that designer choose. Wouldn’t that be nicer? To be happy with what we have got?

I personally consider myself so lucky for being able to attend the few shows I got invitations to and I am so looking forward to the next season. For those of you out there who attended fashion week before and who found themselves in one of these situations, next season please make the most of your experience and push away all the things the society/fashion industry wants you to do or be.



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