Happy Halloween





Happy late Halloween guys! Hope everyone has had an amazing time and already looking forward to the next year. I know I am. I am a huge fan of celebrating Halloween, I love to dress fancy and have a good time, however, what I love the most about Halloween is the fact that you can try on crazy make-ups without anyone giving you the bad eye. My choice for this year’s Halloween was DIA DE LOS MUERTOS. As macabre as it sounds I cannot help but love the way skeleton make-up combines with the flowers in your hair, especially when these flowers are roses.



Also, this year I have done my make up by myself and I am really proud of how it actually came out to look like. I also got a cute hair accessory which completed the look, and of course, my favorite tulle skirt. The best part, however, was the fact that I wore contact lenses for the first time in my life. I tried the white blind ones last year, unfortunately, they caused me an irritation straight away so I couldn’t keep them on at all. This year’s ones were received from Alensa, and after last year’s bad experience I was a bit skeptical. Luckily these ones went in smoothly, I didn’t have any irritation afterward and was able to wear them during the whole night.

I do have dark green eyes and the lenses I got were pitch black, so just imagine the difference when I looked at myself in the mirror. They are really thin, easy to put on especially for someone as inexperienced as I am and they look so good. I truly felt amazing and I think that is something anyone should feel always.

What was your Halloween costume this year? What would you like to be next year? I would love to know!

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