Kerastase Resistance Masque Therapist – Review

A flawless beautiful hair is every girl’s dream. Having long , healthy and thick locks is a goal and as beautiful as it sounds, there is a lot of effort you have to put into your hair care to achieve that. Especially if you use straighteners, curlers, etc to style your hair . If you have thick and straight hair naturally, which does not need any styling then congratulations! You are one hell of a lucky girl ! But still, you need to take a very good care of your treasure. I love my hair and as some of you already know, hair care is a big topic on my blog so let me tell you a small story…

One month and a half ago, I received the Kerastase Resistance Therapist . A hair mask of which I heard so much about and wanted it so badly to test it.

* Presentation

The mask comes in an emerald green 200 ml box. The typical Kerastase logo and the rest of the writing on it come in white and the lid has a really fun shape.

* Smell

I can honestly say the smell of this mask is one of the best I ever smelled. The smell lasts long as well, as a few days after I used it, my boyfriend still compliments the way my hair smells.

* What it does

The mask is especially created for very damaged hair which needs a lot of nourishment and hydration. It does NOT have anything to do with giving volume or healing oily hair. The special ingredients in it help your hair regain its shine, strenght and leaves it soft to touch, healthy and amazing looking. I do think this mask is one of the best on the market at the moment.

Starting to use this mask was one of the best decisions I have made. Since I started using it ( along with the monthly ends cutting ) I can see a big difference in the way my hair looks. As you may or may not know , I do have to style my hair otherwise because of the damage, it looks really frizzy and knotty. ( It looks like i have put my fingers in the socket ) I do however, miss my natural curls and I cannot wait to get them back. Unfortunately it is a slow process which requires a lot of patience, but I am all up for it .

I am really grateful for being given the chance to test this and finding another favourite hair product for my oh so sophomoric hair. I would definitely recommend it with my heart for all of you out there with dry and damaged hair.

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