OPI: Lisbon Collection – perfect for traveling light…


Traveling has become a big part of our life, ever since I was younger, my parents used to take me into these dreamy trips abroad and I believe that is when my love for traveling and exploring started. This year I learned how to pack & travel light, and with me being a blogger and constantly wanting to shoot new outfits, 98% of my hand luggage is filled with shoes, clothes, and accessories.


However, I know that if you go on holiday somewhere near the seaside especially, it can be quite uncomfortable to have a face full of makeup , brows perfectly done and lipstick on. Fortunately ever since I started using the Eisenberg products I am not worried about having to apply makeup everyday but, there is always a but and this but leads me to my nails. My nails are really important to me, I usually wear them rounded but I accept a square shape here and there as well hahah. My nails need to look their best and that is why I recently restarted using OPI Nailpolish.



This is not the first encounter I have with their products, I remember back to when I was 16 I bought my first OPI nail polish, it was glittery and purple and I remember all my girl friends wanting to borrow it because it was ”cool”. Unfortunately, back in my home country, OPI products are really pricey but as soon as I came to England I could easily afford them. I got these cute ones from their Lisbon Collection mostly because they remind me so well of the beautiful colors I saw everywhere in Portugal last summer ( is the summer gone already? :(( ). And, the best thing is yet to come. You can find the Lisbon collection in travel size, which makes these just perfect to come on holiday with you and make your nails flawless every day. Also, each of these colors represent one of Portugal’s famous colors. My favorite one is by far the blue one, which one is yours?



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