Studying Fashion BA

September 2017. The date when I actually started my Fashion degree at Coventry University and one of the decisive days in my life. That was when the uni started, that was when I was leaving the teenage part of my life and actually become an adult. The first semester went by so quickly I couldn’t believe it, the three modules we had were not hard ones but unfortunately for me, I really struggled ( and I still do ) with the sewing part. In the first semester, we had to make a pair of jeans, a top and a dress with gatherings. If you know more, then you know I am the most laziest person in the whole world when it comes to waking up early, which is also the reason I skipped quite a few classes over the whole semester and ended up with not as good grades as I thought I will have but all that is behind right now and we are in the second semester.

Our two modules are Digital Fashion Marketing and FashionDesign and Innovation. We have to work for both modules pretty close to each other since they are related and as interesting as they are is a lot to take in. I am not used to working under pressure, I never did and I never thought I will, not yet at least, but this second semester really took me by surprise. The next post in this category will be a vlog filmed over two or three days where you guys will be able to see how a day in the studio is and what we do. Stay tuned!