Trying on KORIKA masks for the first time…

Hi there ! Here I am yet again with another beauty article. If you follow me on Instagram, you did probably see that I am planning on rescheduling my blog posts as it follows:

  • Monday – Fashion
  • Wednesday – Blogging
  • Friday- Beauty

This change will commence at the beginning of next week, but today I am here to talk about my latest beauty find. I have lotsss of products to try on in the next couple of months and I am extremely excited to tell you my opinions and hear what your thoughts are about them as soon as you start using them.



Now, moving on to the actual thing and the reason I am here today; anyone knows that moment when, as a blogger, one of your favorite PR ladies recommends you a product they personally tried and loved at the first sight? ( or trying? ), well this is exactly what happened to me a while ago, and this is how I have been introduced to Korika Masks. Three lines of Korika sheet masks are focused on the different skin types. StarBeauty is their premium collection which will be appreciated by women who wish to sample rare ingredients ( such as the one with 24k gold ), revitalize, and brighten their skin.

The Korean brand KORIKA brings together cutting-edge Asian technology with effective active ingredients, making them a specialist in this area of cosmetics. KORIKA helps women make their everyday beauty routine more enjoyable through their top quality sheet masks.

KORIKA sheet masks contain a large amount of active ingredients which differ based on the type of the mask. Among these ingredients, you can find activated charcoal, clay, 24-carat gold, snail extract, silk extract, lavender, litchi, aloe, iceberg water or shea butter.

Now, enough babbling. It is about time I am telling you about my own opinion on them, I have literally used them in the first few days since receiving them! I especially loved the detoxifying one, my skin really needed a detox after the busy summer/fall start I had this year. I absolutely loved the smell of it and after taking the sheet off, my face felt so smooth and clean. I have a really dry skin so to my surprise, the mask helped it be more hydrated as well.



Another one I truly loved was the 24k Gold one, OMG! The little gold pieces in it simply won me since I first opened the package, I have taken this cute Instagram story as soon as I saw the way it looked. I used this one right after I came from a loooong weekend of night shifts, I was getting ready to go to university and this came in really handy! My skin never looked better!



Overall, I did really love all of them, all 5 gone as fast as possible and in terms of all the face masks I used until now, these are the best!






The other cute thing I wanted to mention is the fact that Notino has this cute gift packaging which comes in really handy if you are looking for a cute, good quality box to wrap up the upcoming Christmas gifts! It does also have a cute ribbon in front so why not give it a try? Oh, did I also mention it comes in more than one colour? I got mine on Red! Happy shopping!

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