Tis’ the season to be glammy! It’s definitely the season to glam up and wear fancy things. Sequins, sparkles and glitter, December is definitely one of the best times of the year. However, since your clothes will suffer ( a good kind of suffering though ) a change, then why not change your make up as well? UPDATE ALERT! December Version! Let’s get glowing!

While I usually love a good eyeshadow, ever since using Makeup Revolution I definitely feel like I have upped my beauty game. The amount of sparkle I can add to my eyes with it is just insane. There are so many parties and events to attend to throughout December, and how can you do that without a good glittery makeup. The moment I have opened my Makeup Revolution by Petra eyeshadow palette, I must admit I was kind of confused. So many shades to pick from, and knowing me, that is going to be extremely hard. After I started playing with them I realized this is the perfect palette to take you from a day-to-night make-up look in less than 1 minute.My fav shade? Drugstore queen!

Makeup Revolution is one of the brands I spent soo sososososoosososososoooooo much money on, and it never fails to amaze me . I feel honoured and incredibly lucky to be working with them each and everytime .

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