01:31. Tuesday. 08/01/2019. Exactly one week until I leave to Amsterdam. This will be the first time I lay my feet in Holland and I am quite excited about it. 2019 will be a year full of traveling and good times. I am planning on going around Europe and I want to have at least a trip per month.

I am will be leaving on the 15th of January and the only thing I know at the moment is that our flights were really cheap – £30 reutrn – our Airbnb is 10 minutes walk to city center and I really want to pack some warm and cozy clothes as the weather will not be the best. I’ve read a few thing here and there about Amsterdam, Tripadvisor became my best friend lately and I found a lot of interesting things to do. I also want to up my Instagram content game and have some really interesting things planned for it throughout 2019. It will be a big change and I hope to manage to achieve everything I have in mind ( and in my bullet journal).

So, what are my thoughts before leaving? I am excited to the maximum, I cannot wait to be in the plane and be on my way. We will be staying in a gorgeous canal view house in the center of Amsterdam. Can you imagine how many window view shots I have in mind? I also found out last night about this thing called ”This is Holland” . A flight experience which takes you throughout the beauty of Holland. From the tulip fields, over the lakes and lands and all the way to the beauty of the cities. ( Might write an article about it if I enjoy it). They have this cool chairs and a 360 screen, and you can experience the mist as you go above the lakes, and smell the flowers, etc. It sounds really interesting so I might as well just try it and let you guys know how it was either through here or on my IG stories.

Now that’s about it, just a small thoughts diary before I go. I will be coming back with a small Amsterdam guide after I return. Kisses xx


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