the-blonde-waves-blogging-big brands-vs-small-brands


the-blonde-waves-blogging-big brands-vs-small-brandsHigh-street brands or small/newly established brands? This question has been in everyone’s mind ever since the rise of millennial bloggers, who started getting the spotlight more and more. Wanting to be reposted by a big brand or wanting to support a newly established business?

What over 80% of normal people don’t understand, and by ”normal people” I mean those people who are not bloggers/influencers/youtubers, however you want to call them. Those people who cringe when your answer to the question ” What do you do for a living?” is ” I am a blogger”. Those people who don’t see or understand the business side involved in blogging or Instagram, who only think everything we do is to post pictures. Yes, those people!

What they don’t understand is that us, bloggers are not some narcissistic, full of themselves creatures who like to stare at our faces in a nicely arranged aesthetic on our Instagram feeds. We are actually some human beings who follow their dreams and work incredibly, extremely hard for what we want to achieve. And while for many people out there, blogging might not sound like a dream career, for us is exactly that. The simple thought of working for yourself, not having a boring 9-5 job and not being forced to do the same thing every day, simply means freedom, but it also comes with a lot of responsibility, organisation skills ( which i still don’t have), a lotttt of motivation and so much more than just taking a picture, posting it on Instagram and adding some hashtags. Having those admin days which I absolutely hate and the oh so many nights without sleep can easily make you give up. You and the way you think matters, so if you really want something, then go for it no matter how hard it is, no matter how many up’s and down’s you have. Stop comparing your first chapter with someone else’s number 10!


the-blonde-waves-blogging-big brands-vs-small-brandsGoing back to our subject, I would say that just like any other business you have to know what’s good for you. In my opinion, your blog is your brand. So, take care of it just like it is your baby. I do call it ” my baby ” pretty often, so often that my boyfriend will soon start to get jealous, probably. When I had to choose between collaborating with a big brand which name I am not going to disclose, and a small brand, I did pick the small newly established one. I myself am a small brand, I am just starting out and even if I had my blog for over a year, I properly started to take care of it, and properly started to dive into it just a couple of months ago. I am just over 6k on Instagram and yes, m growth rate is ok but I do work my ass off for it. Not as much as I would wish to, but I am working on that. ( motivation is the key peeps )

I chose that small brand because I know what support means when you are just starting out, because I do know what it means to have someone there for you when you have a question or when you want to cry, and because I understand so well what being appreciated means. I chose the small brand because I did know that if I work my ass of constantly, those big collaborations will come, but if I am not supporting someone who needs my support I will:

  • A) End up feeling guilty that I could have done something to help, I could have done something for that brand to grow and get more exposure, and I didn’t.
  • B) Risk being another influencer who said no, contributing to the brand’s owner self-confidence and eventually giving up, which means I helped crushing someone’s dream.(scary, isn’t it?)


the-blonde-waves-blogging-big brands-vs-small-brands

Now, the next question would be, why didn’t I choose both? Because when I have a collaboration, I want to make sure I give it my all and I want to make sure I am 100% happy with what I am creating for that brand. If I am happy with it, then the other side of the collab will be happy with it as well, is that right?

As much as I know that a  Topshop repost can make you gain more exposure, broaden your audience and help you with your self-confidence as a blogger, I do think we have to start trying and encourage small brands as well. 95% of the times, I did find some amazing stuff small brands were making and I do love to wear it over and over again. I am VERY picky with what collabs I accept, which I think is one of the reasons I don’t have as many of them as other people do, and that’s ok.

So, in my opinion, yes, collaborations with small brands are something we bloggers/influencers should start to do more often. Let’s help and support each other in this beautiful community. After all, what goes around comes around…isn’t it?


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