Hello my lovelies! Here we are with another Black Friday deals, isn’t it crazy just how quickly the year passes? Today’s article will not be a big one, however it will be one full of information. I am here to show you my absolute NOTINO faves which you NEED to buy this Black Friday!

They also have FREE DELIVERY on orders over £35, up to 70% OFF on Perfumes & Skin Care Products, up to 60% OFF on Make Up and finally up to 35% OFF on Hair Products. With sales like this, how can you resist it !

Top 5 favourites

How can I not have my favourite fragrance in my top choices for Black Friday? If you fancy getting yourself a new perfume and you are as picky as I am then this is the perfect choice for you.

Holiday season is approaching with an incredible speed. And what else can be better to asd the finish touch to your holiday outfit than a red lipstick. I personally prefer this one from MAC.

This foundation has been everywhere. Tv comercials, internet pages, and all over Instagram. I decided to try it on myself and eveything they said is true. It does wonderds

Here we have yet another of my favourites. Another fragrance which I would use any time in any day! Gotta get yourself one too

I have used Foreo for a few times now, my facial skin has never looked better. It is a bit pricey but totally worth it!

With this being said, don’t forget to look out for the Black Friday sale codes for each category and treat yourself this November 🙂


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