Hello lovely people!

It’s been a while since we came and chatted on here, I miss writing things on my blog so therefore I am back and this time with some lovely things to show you.

So recently I have reached out to Desenio in order to discuss a potential collaboration, the reason why I wanted to mention this is because a lot of people out there think that us, content creators, just sit back, relax and sip on our Prosecco while brands reach out to us and give us free stuff. It is not the truth, and here I am telling you that I am sending daily emails, reaching out to brands and discussing ideas.

So now that we settled that up, I actually wanted to show you these lovely prints I was able to choose from their website. Just like I mentioned in my Instagram post earlier( insert insta link) it is really important to feel happy and most important, inspired in the space you live. In my case, my room is the place I spend most of my time with and so therefore I really wanted to pick something inspiring and which would give me all the good vibes all the time.

Let me tell you a little bit about why I have chosen what I did and what these mean to me:

“Change your thoughts and you’ll change your world” – Now, this is one of my life mantras if you want. As a firm believer and follower of ” The secret” and everything law of attraction related. I felt like I wanted something to remind me of the amazing effect good thoughts have on your mind and what you can accomplish by keeping a positive mindset. You can find the ” Change your thoughts” print here .

Palm trees – One of my biggest dreams at the moment is to be able to go and visit Los Angeles. I have been dreaming about it ever since I was on the 7th grade and hopefully soon it will happen. There is just something about palm trees, beach and sun which makes me feel so good. Everytime I look at this print all I can visualise is me walking underneath palm trees and enjoying the LA sun. ( true fact). You can shop the ” Sunset Palms” poster by clicking here

Monstera plant – Another thing on my bucket list is to go and visit as many tropical countries as I possibly can and what better thing to make me think of it than a Monstera picture ? Shop the ” Monstera Three” print here.

Wanderlust – Being a ” wanderluster” is not easy. Constantly spending your money on traveling and then complaining ( a little bit ) that you are broke. Just joking! Who could complain about traveling and seeing new destinations? I am absolutely thrilled every time I go somewhere new, whether is England or outside of it. Each and every place has a special vibe and with each trip you learn new things and discover yourself as a person. I have also decided to get a tattoo with the word ” Wanderlust ” or ” Wanderluster ” so this print was a MUST HAVE for me. Do you love traveling too? Then you must get it! The “Wanderlust” poster which you can get by clicking here .

With these being said, I hope you made it till the end, and if you did then I hope you enjoyed reading my little Desenio story.

P.s This post is a part of a gifted collaboration with DESENIO. All items have been picked by me and of course all opinions are mine.


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