Hi guys!

First of all, apologize for not being as active as I should have been on here. I feel like many more people use Instagram nowadays and I guess I have just concentrated on my IG page for the past couple of months, however, this is my personal corner where I love to come and share things with you more detailed so from now on I will be trying to post at least twice a week.

Enough said about this, this is one of my most requested posts and I must admit that even if it’s long overdue ( Hello March !! ) I guess is better late than never. Right?

2018 has been an amazing year, full of experiences, happy times, traveling and so much more. I have attended London Fashion Week in full for the first time, traveled to Portugal for the first time in my life, met some incredible industry people and tried every day to become a better version of myself. I guess that looking over to 2019 just means that everything I have started or planned in 2018 will only continue to grow and develop as there is no other option available haha. So without too much talking, here are my goals for 2019 ( vision board coming soon too, told ya better late than never ):


1. Patience

This is a big one for me. Just imagine the worst and most impatient person you have ever met and multiply that by 3, hiya that’s me! Oh well, I guess some of the not so good things about you can always be corrected/improved as long as you set your mind on them and want to become a better person. Patience has never been a thing for me but especially in the blogging world and the fashion industry is a necessity. I will update you on this in the following months, as Victoria Beckham would say, ”is a work in progress…”.


2.Mindset, Motivation, Achievement

These three work together so well. Having a good mindset will lead you to being motivated, which will hopefully bring you on to your achievements. Easier said than done for sure, my motivation has been up and down throughout last year, and that reflected so much into my professional life. As much as I don’t want, I have to admit the fact I could have been so much further than I am now professionally if I would have kept myself motivated and ready to face challenges.

Let’s just say that waking up at 12pm, eating a late breakfast and then going back to sleep until 2 is not exactly how it should work. Anyone who has been through this knows that if you wake up later than 9am, you feel like you wasted your whole day, you are not motivated and you feel like you should sleep until tomorrow and just hope that you can start it all over. Unfortunately, that is not how it works at all! So, in  2019 I hope to work on this and achieve a better mindset and manage to stay motivated.


3. Listen more, talk less and pay more attention

Now if you know me then you know I:

A) Love to talk a lot

B) Am not a very good listener most of the times

C) Don’t pay as much attention as I should, both in my personal life and my work life.

And while some of you might think that exhibit A is not a bad thing, well let me tell you that talking a lot when you should listen and pay attention is not the nicest thing. I know some people might be surprised or shocked that I am so open but this is what all this is about isn’t it? Being real and true to yourself, accept your flaws, learn to correct them and become the kind of person you would like to meet. In an oversaturated blogging industry, where everyone seems to showcase the perfect life I think is nice to see behind that and actually get to know the person behind the screen without any kind of editing. One Romanian blogger which I personally love @alinaceusan, has done a few months ago, something called Filter Detox, for a whole week she only posted 100% real life and unedited videos, talks, and pictures and it’s been a huge success…we should do more of that.

I would love to learn how to listen to someone without talking. I love expressing my opinions, and not always in a soft way…when it comes to telling a truth I kinda like to say it directly and sharp. I feel better when doing that than spinning around the tail and avoiding the subject. In 2019 I want to learn how to listen more, and if that’s the case only give my opinion when asked for it or needed. I also want to make sure I stop interrupting people when they talk *insert puppy eyes*

As for exhibit C, what I want is mostly to be able to look somewhere else than just on my phone screen. Be able to enjoy a night out or a concert without having to record it, pay attention to my surroundings more and just be more aware.


4. Network more!

Going out there, meeting new people and talking to them has never been something I wasn’t good at. I love doing it and that is one of the reasons why I would absolutely love a career in Fashion PR. So, in 2019 I really want to get to know more and more interesting people, more inspiring people, industry fellas and just meet new and cool persons of which I can learn something from.


5. Get more organized in a lot of areas in my life and be able to travel more!

What do I mean by getting more organized? I mean being able to start saving money for both traveling, but also for life purposes. Being able to keep my room & closet tidy always and not have to clean and reorganize every 2 weeks. I mean knowing where to get my things from without looking for them for 20 minutes and be late for meetings. Keeping a better track of my time as I am ALWAYS late for everything.

The examples could easily continue but I don’t want to concentrate on the bad side of things, so, this year I want to work on this too. A small progress has already been made though, I kept my room sparkling clean for more than 2 weeks now. My closet has remained organized and I am ahead of the housekeeping so can I get a yay now?


6. Set up & respect my sleeping schedule

As I have already mentioned above, I have a chaotic sleeping schedule which means I am always tired and not in the mood for much. My creativity suffers as well and that is not something I wish for myself.  I want to get into the habit of waking up around 8-9 am, get dressed and kick asses!


7. Drink more water, eat healthier and give up sweets in a proportion of 90%

Ah yes, the usual life habits talk. But this is a serious one for myself. As well as my sleeping schedule, my eating schedule is not the best either. For some reason, I simply can never feel truly thirsty which means I can go days without drinking water, which means my skin is incredibly dry and which means I feel even more tired than I should. I am not going to start talking about the advantages of drinking water. I promise you I am aware of them and trying my best to improve this aspect of my life too.

In terms of eating healthier and giving un sweets, this is kinda a hard one as I have a gigantic sweet-tooth, love chocolate more than sunny days and I tend to bring out a pretty bad alter-ego when I don’t have something sweet around me. I don’t eat breakfast, I am away from home all day and come back only late at night. I go a whole day without eating much and then when I get home…well…God bless! In 2019 I will have at least two meals a day and try not to eat after 7 pm.




Hope you found this interesting and maybe it gave you something to think about in terms of becoming a better version of yourself. As you can see, all of these are things which will only do good and transform you into the adult and person we all want to become.

Till next time, have a good day! xx









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