Happy new year guys! Long time no see but this time I’ back and I plan on staying!

First of all, I wanted to thank everyone for 2017 and everything going on throughout it, thank you for your support, thank you for your critics and thank you for being here for me!

If you know me you know I am a strong believer of ” The Law Of Attraction” and after carefully reading the books and seeing the documentary, on the 31st of December I finally managed to put together the so-called ”Dreams Board”. The dreams board is a board where you put pictures with everything you really wish to achieve in the year. Make sure to be as detailed as possible and more than anything make sure the board is somewhere where you can see it every day and every night. Go to sleep with your eyes on the board and wake up with your eyes on the board! Mine is just above my desk in my workspace 🙂

One of my goals, when I created the board, was to get accepted on RewardStyle. If you don’t know what RewardStyle, RS is an invitation-only platform for influencers, bloggers, etc where you post an outfit image, link what you are wearing and then people can buy the items by screenshotting the picture from your Instagram. Now, before anything else, I did not even stress about applying since I didn’t post on my blog for over one month and my Instagram profile even if I use to post every day and get a good amount of likes on it, my engagement is still not too big.

I met @imlaurenblack on Instagram and spoke a few times, she is the kindest and most helpful person I have ever met in the whole blogosphere and she was the one who encouraged me into this. In the new year’s night, I was talking to her and told her how my goal is to get accepted to reward style in the new year. Her answer was straight and prompt ” Give me your full name and email address and I can refer you”. Even if I kept on telling her that I don’t want to because this and that and that I want to wait for a few more months she still kept on telling me to try as there is nothing to lose, so I’ve done it! I must say that I was pretty confident in my Instagram since I know how much effort I put into it but then my blog was a little bit…let’s say down, so I was stressed.

Today when I received the email from them and seen that I was accepted I got extremely excited so I took off the ”get accepted on to reward style” paper from my dreams board since I managed to accomplish one of the goals in the second day of the year and this is just something I couldn’t be happier about! Things like this give me the motivation to be the best I can and I promise you this year will be amazing so stay tuned for some great articles!

Thank you, Lauren, for encouraging me and I guess I’m just lucky to have met someone like you!!

Other than that, since is a blog post after all and I haven’t done it in a long time, here you have some pictures with some bits I got from She In. You guys have to check their website, I am so impressed by the quality of everything.




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