The master agreement 2020 has been ratified. Listen to dan Reding, business manager, how it happened, including details on every penny that will be allocated from July. Business Manager Dan Reding at the CA Master Agreement 2020[/builder_content] Visit the Northern California Technical Engineers Apprenticeship website. NOTE: The Telephone number for the Technical Engineers program is (510) 748-7413. Please use this number for any questions about the program and the status of an application. . Local 3, in collaboration with our employer partners and the California Joint Apprenticeship Committee (NCSJAC), offers a fully accredited apprenticeship assessment and inspection program. Since 1955, Local 3 has represented private sector inspectors, recording inspectors, special inspectors, and ground and laboratory technicians. Since 2004, the union has represented apprentice inspectors. The 3 local inspectors lead the way to the safety of the projects we have covered are carried out from the first time and serve as the eyes and ears of architects, engineers and construction officials in our four government jurisdictions. Technical engineers include surveyors and inspectors.

Surveyors are often the first and last of the company engineers in a construction project. They determine the boundaries of the land, present the construction work so that the project is built properly according to the design, and often provide a complete topographical overview of the completed project. These are just some of the tasks that occupy 3 local surveyors throughout the year. Local 3`s Master Agreement for Testing and Inspection serves as a standard for wages, hours and working conditions and forms the basis of the director of Industrial Relations` dominant tariff determination for the 46 counties in Northern California.