1. Agios Ioannis, Corfu


This wasn’t the first trip to Greece, I believe it was the fourth but even in today’s days, I cannot get over how amazing this place was. We were lucky enough to stay at a beautiful resort called Corfu Senses which you can find HERE. The hotel is located right on the beach, has a gorgeous pool and amazing surroundings. A special and lovely team which are in charge with the activities over the day, activities like Pilates, Zumba, French Balls ( That is where I learned how to play French balls) , football and much more. The team was always so helpful, lovely, patient and always with a smile on their face. Unfortunately, I never got the chance to go back but this is one of the things on my bucket list. The resort is perfectly located on the beach but if you look up you will be able to see a mountain right on the other side of the street. The food was absolutely delicious and the staff were definitely above the expectations we had. I visited this amazing place in 2009 and still thinking about it until today’s day so this cannot be something else other than a proof of the perfect services they offer. I would recommend Corfu senses with all my heart!

       2. Hersonissos, Crete


Ah, Crete. The island of dream destinations and beautiful pristine beaches. This was the only time I went to Greece with the plane and that was just because this trip to Crete was not paid, it was actually a prize my parents won at a contest and of course, I couldn’t stay at home haha. This time we checked in at Pela Maria Hotel in Hersonissos. The apartment ( 2 bedrooms ) we stood in was spacious and with a perfect sunrise and sea view. The hotel was located at only 5 minutes away from the beach, the staff was extremely helpful with all the information we needed and also the hotel was organising trips around the island so I couldn’t miss the chance to see the famous Knossos Palace. Unfortunately, this trip had a small inconvenient thing, the hotel was amazing and luckily it also had a pool but because of it being in the center of all the buildings the sun wasn’t really shining over it, so the water was always cold. Still a beautiful place to stay tough. You can find Pela Maria Hotel HERE and I must say I would recommend this to anyone who wants to see the beauty of Crete and have a great place to stay as well

   3. Kassandra, Halkidiki


Kassandra is one of the three arms of Greece. A beautiful and quiet place to stay where I’ve seen the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets EVER. The atmosphere is so calm and luckily the hotel we’ve stayed in was not on the main street so the noise was not bothering us at all. Mancedonian Sun Hotel is the perfect choice if you ever find yourself in Kassandra. The hotel is not located on the beach but it is just a 5 minutes walk to it and Nea Moudania is only 30 minutes drive. Another thing which for me was really cool was the fact that in the hotel’s yard we were able to find peacocks walking freely and sleeping in the trees over the night. In Nea Moudania you will be able to find anything you need, from shops, to beautiful sights and restaurants even tough we didn’t need a restaurant because the hotel offered 3 meals every day. You can find Macedonian Sun Hotel HERE

  4. Achilleion Palace, Corfu


How many of us watched Sisi The Princess when we were younger? How many of us hated Hellen for being mean to our favourite princess and her mother who always seemed to have something to say? During our visit in Corfu, we realized that even tough Sisi or Elizabeth which was her real name actually lived in Schonbrunn Palace, Wien, Austria. Her holiday residence was actually in Corfu and couldn’t miss the chance to see it. A-B-S-O-L-U-T-E-L-Y amazed by its beauty, its gardens and the view you have over the rest of the island. A definitely must see no matter how old you are! Find the Achilleion Palace HERE!

     5. Thessaloniki


I couldn’t do this top 5 and not include Thessaloniki. One of the most beautiful cities I’ve seen and the first city where I realized I love fashion. Funny huh? I still remember I was walking on the streets and staring at the store windows on each side when I turned my head and spotted an old lady who was dressed extremely beautiful. All the colors she was wearing were in the perfect match, the accessories were amazing and she was wearing a red hat which really drew my attention to her in the first place and I remember myself telling my mother ” Look mom even old ladies have style in this city” haha. Unfortunately, I cannot remember the name of the hotel we stood in but if you have any recommendations I would love to hear them.

Why Greece you would ask huh? Well because Greece is my second home, because both my names come from The Ancient Greece and because I’ve always felt a strange but beautiful attraction towards this country. I’ve been lucky enough to visit more than half of it thanks to my parents and discover its beauty. Everything started when I was around 9 years old, all my classmates used to go to the seaside…but not me. My parents didn’t like the Romanian seaside so we never went there because apparently, it wasn’t clean enough. They knew I wanted to see the sea so in that summer I got the best surprise, my first trip to see the sea.

Every time we went to the seaside we never went during the season, we didn’t like crowded beaches and the never ending traffic. September is the perfect time to visit Greece, the sun is still shining, the water is warm and there is enough space on any beach to sit wherever you want no matter what hour you show up. I never used the plane to go to Greece, during the time I used to go there with my parents we always used the car. My father loves to drive and I love to listen to music and look out the window while dreaming with my eyes open so this was the perfect chance to do it. 800 kilometers passed by so easily and we always used to stop in Thessaloniki for the night. Thessaloniki is the second biggest city in Greece so we always had things to do.

I got the travel bug thanks to my parents, they showed me how beautiful it is to travel the world and make beautiful memories every year. Thanks to them I managed to see 9 countries and over 40 cities by now with absolutely no plan to stop. A few places continue to stay in my heart maybe a little more than others and today I will do a top 5 places in Greece I would revisit over and over again. Guys if you ever find yourself not knowing where to go then take a look at this article and be ready to book your next trip!

De ce Grecia? Pentru ca Grecia este a doua casa pentru mine, pentru ca amandoua numele pe care le am provin din Grecia Antica si pentru ca mereu am simtit o legatura speciala cu aceasta tara superba. Am fost destul de norocoasa incat sa vizitez mai bine de jumatate din ea, multumita alor mei si sa descopar frumusetile ei. Totul a inceput can aveam vreo 9 ani, nu mersesem niciodata la mare. Toti colegii mei de clasa de pe atunci mersesera de cel putin 2-3 ori, mersesera fie in Costinesti, fie in Mamaia insa nu si eu. Alor mei nu le-a placut niciodata litoralul romanesc din cauza faptului ca nu e ingrijit asa cum ar trebuii insa in vara respectiva imi facusera cea mai frumoasa surpriza, prima vacanta la mare.

Niciodata nu am mers la mare in timpul sezonului. Grecia este o tara extrem de calduroasa in Iulie-August asa ca mai mereu preferam sa mergem prin Septembrie. Vremea perfecta pentru a putea sta la soare fara sa te topesti, apa marii calda, mai putina agitatie si trafic mai putin pentru ca de fiecare data mergeam cu masina. Pe cat de mult ii placea lu’ taicameo sa conduca pe atat de mult imi placea mie sa stau sa ma uit pe geam in timp ce ascultam muzica si visam cu ochii deschisi asa ca cei 800 de km pana in Salonic zburau pe nesimtite. Spun Salonic pentru ca de obicei aceea era prima oprire si fiind al doilea oras ca marime din Grecia aveai ce face mai mereu pana a doua zi cand porneam la drum pana la destinatie.

Travel bug-ul cum se spune l-am prins multumita alor mei si a vacantelor facute cu fiecare ocazie, ei au fost cei care mi-au aratat cat de frumos este sa calatoresti si sa vizitezi cat mai multe locuri. Multumita lor am ajuns sa vad 9 tari si peste 40 de orase pana acum, cu absolut nici un gand de a ma oprii. In suflet insa mi-au ramas cateva locuri unde m-as intoarce cu drag oricand si de aceea m-am hotarat sa fac un Top 5 locuri din Grecia pe care le-as vizita din nou si din nou fiind urmate de un top 5 al oraselor si locurilor care nu sunt din Grecia insa mi-as dorii sa le revizitez de asemenea fie ele plaje, orase sau atractii turistice. Here we go!



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