Hello guys! Another Friday finds me being kind of melancholic about my past holiday. Outside started raining, and I cannot help but think how one week and a half ago I was waking up with the ocean at my doorstep and an amazing view, one week and a half ago I was waking up in Porto, Portugal.

Portugal has been on my bucket list ever since I started traveling ( 2007 ) and of course, as I am sure a lot of us do, the first destination I’ve been wanting to thick off the list was Algarve. Wild beaches, secret caves, warm and clear waters and sunshine all day, every day.

At the beginning of the year I eventually got to know a person who is now an amazing friend, she invited me to spend my holiday at her house in Portugal but the destination was not Algarve, it was Porto, the second biggest city in Portugal. A city with a lot of history, colorful houses and very bad donuts hahahahahah x

So, as promised, today I will show you a couple of my favorite places I have seen so far in Porto and surroundings!

Senhor da Pedra & Miramar


On top of all the location I visited, this one definitely won my heart. Chapel of Senhor da Pedra is a chapel built on the rocks, the place itself offers amazing views of the surrounding beaches, the ocean, and the sunset. The perfect location for people who want to explore and meet the cute little crabs wandering through the rocks, especially during the sunset. The reason for that is because, during the day, when the ocean is in the reflux, it reveals some beautiful rocks. You must be very careful as these can be slippery, but if you are like me and the curiosity is just too big, you can easily climb on them and find shells, crabs, and even little fish. The chapel was built in 1686 and went under restoration in 1996. Around the chapel, we found melted candles which we later found out were used during full moon nights rituals.


Largo da Pena Ventosa


No description needed for this spot. Located at only 10 minutes walk from Sao Bento Train Station. This is literally the most amazing photo background in the whole city. There is a small coffee shop in the corner as well, where the kind staff will tell you stories about the old town and its history.


Sao Bento Train Station


Visiting a train station would definitely not be at the top of erm…anyone’s bucket lists. But Sao Bento is definitely worth visiting. The white and blue walls and architecture simply takes you to another world. It is massive, imposing and such a beautiful sight. Definitely an exception to the rule.


Amicini Cafe


Forget about Cafe Majestic, forget about fanciness and an overly crowded place. Amicini cafe is the first place we found on our way to Largo da Pena Ventosa. Once you walk in, the very friendly staff greets you and offers to lead you to a table. If you ever want a relaxed environment to have lunch, or drink something, then this is the place for you. Prepare yourself for tasty sandwiches, fancy pancakes and cute little notes and messages stuck to the walls.


If you ever find yourself in Porto, make sure you thick these places off your check list. I promise you, you won’t be sorry xx



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