Forced to limit or change your rights under the Australian Consumer Protection Act or other applicable consumer protection laws, for Uber-driver-owner who enters into a dispute or both 18.1. 18.2 The laws of the state in which the place of tenancy is located govern the lease agreement. 18.3 We may register our interest in the vehicle in the Register of Staff Properties Securities. You agree, to the extent permitted by law, we do not need to notify you if we do such a registration or if we change. 18.4 If there is a disagreement between the terms and conditions of the booking or the terms of the BlueChip program and these Terms and Conditions, these Terms and Conditions are prevalent. 18.5 If this lease is terminated by law, the lease period ends: However, all rights acquired in the lease agreement are not affected and the following sections remain fully in force and act in Section 1, Section 3, Section 5, Section 6, Section 7, Section 8, Section 9, Section 11, Section 12 , Section 13, Section 14, Section 15, Section 16, Section 17 and Section 18. Limited (ACN 050 538 693), linkt (Linkt), via Thrifty as Linkt agent, offers you the Linkt rental product under these business terms linkt. By signing the lease, you accept linkt`s current Terms and Conditions and agree to do so. Part A: General Interpretation 1 Under these link conditions, unless the contrary intent appears: (a) a reference to these link conditions contains any change; b) the singular contains the plural and the plural the singular; c) sex includes all sexes; (d) a reference to a person includes a company, an entity, a group without a legal personality or a public authority; (e) an obligation imposed on two or more parties binds them together; (f) a reference to a time or date is an indication of that time or date in Melbourne, Australia; (g) any reference to the dollar and the Australian currency in dollars; (h) a provision of these linkt conditions should not be construed against Linkt simply because Linkt prepared these conditions; (i) a reference to legislation or subordinate legislation contains amendments or amendments; (j) the securities in these link conditions have been inserted for simplification reasons and have no influence on the interpretation of these link conditions; and (k) a reference to a clause or party is a reference to a clause or part of those terms.