(5) When travellers have to take a large amount of government equipment to their official store and a compact rental vehicle does not provide sufficient space. (a) your agency must recognize that the use of a rental vehicle is beneficial to the government and expressly authorize such use. (e) Travellers are not reimbursed for the costs associated with car rental loyalty points or the transfer of points charged by car companies. (3) The prices set in the lease cannot be exceeded by the seller. (d) Travellers cannot be compensated for the purchase of prepaid refuelling options for rental cars. As a result, travellers must refuel before returning the rental vehicle to the starting point. However, if it is not possible to refuel fully before the vehicle returns due to safety concerns or the location of the nearest gas station, the seller`s refuelling costs are reimbursed. 2. The contract includes unlimited automatic insurance per kilometre and damage caused by collisions; and (4) If an additional room is required to accommodate several staff members authorized to travel together in the same rental vehicle. (b) If you have the right to use a rental vehicle, you should consider renting a vehicle from a supplier participating in the U.S. Government Car Rental Agreement (DEFENSE Travel Management Office) to take advantage of the benefits of the contract, including insurance and liability clauses, unless you are OCONUS and there is no agreement for your TDY site.

The benefits of renting a car through the DTMO car rental program are: (iii) If you are in compliance. 301-13.3 (a) to have you accompanied by an attendant, your agency may authorize the use of a car other than compact, if your agency deems it necessary. c) Travellers must use the most advantageous compact car, unless a waiver is allowed for another category of vehicles. Agencies should authorize these waivers to a limited extent and indicate the reason for the travel authorization exemption. The agency may authorize the use of a car other than a compact car if one of the following provisions applies: (A) a written statement from a competent medical authority noting the need for specific accommodation; (1) When the use of a car other than a compact car is required to meet a medical disability or other special needs. (i) a disability must be certified annually in a written statement from a competent medical authority. However, if disability is a life-long illness, a single certification declaration is required. Certification declarations must include at least: 6. If necessary for safety reasons, for example. B in case of inclement weather or when moving on difficult or stationary terrain. (3) When the cost of a car other than a compact car is less than or equal to the cost of the cheapest compact car. (ii) Specific needs must be certified in writing each year in accordance with your agency`s procedures.