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Hello, boos and welcome back! x A few days ago, I posted on my Instagram page  ( @theblondewavess ) a picture of me wearing these cute human face shaped earrings. I have received a lot-lot lot of question about them, where do I have them from and for the people who found out I ordered them from Wish, I was asked whether the app is worth giving a try or not and with mobile app testing companies like it was easier. I also created a poll where I asked whether I should write a blog article about the app and my experience with it, and 94% of you lovelies voted for yes. Sooo, here I am.

Let’s start with the beginning, Wish is an app which has a very diverse range of products. From clothes to jewelry, to blankets, kitchen utensils and so on. All products are shipped from China and the delivery takes a minimum of two weeks. Now, I know a lot of us, as soon as we hear the word China we usually cringe and think about bad manufacturing. It’s not like that, not for me at least. I personally only use Wish to order wither jewelry, sunglasses ( yes, they have some really bad ass models ), cute bralettes or lipsticks ( yep, been there done that ). I do have friends who ordered pyjama sets and jumpers and were kinda disappointed but today I will be talking from my point of view only. A point of view from someone who has been using this app for almost three years, and ONLY orders the products mentioned above.



As I already said, I have been using Wish for almost three years. Ever since I started using it I must admit I’ve been ordering things at least once a month. The most surprising thing in terms of quality was a range of matte lipsticks I’ve got for only £1 for a piece. First time I found them I was a bit skeptical, I meaaaaan…but if you know me you know I love a good bargain and since lipsticks are pretty much my life ( along with phone cases and cute earrings ) I decided to take the risk. I picked three colors, a pinkish nude, a brownish nude and a blood red (duh! ). They arrived to me way earlier than I expected, we talking about one week, and I was so pleasantly surprised! The color was really pigmented, the lips were not sticky until the liquid dried and also at the end of the day I was struggling to take it off my lips. It didn’t crack on the lips throughout the day and the texture is almost similar to the Suede range from NYX. Maybe a bit more pigmented and long lasting than those.

As for my lovely face shaped earrings, I was so happy when they arrived. The quality was way better than the ones H&M has and the material they are manufactured from is much thicker. The Wish ones had two cute red stones where the eyes were and a small pearl where the earring was attaching to the ear. I have been wearing them every day since I got them and no sign of color ( they are gold ) going off. The quality is great and I only paid £1.

When it comes to jewelry, whether I pay £1 or £10, I always like to see all the options I have. The chances are you are going to find the same product at least three times. What you should do is check out the description and also the reviews! I cannot stress enough how important the reviews were for me and thanks to these I always, and I repeat, always had a happy surprise when my product arrived. The app is really easy to use, all you need to do is create an account and it goes from there. The platform itself is very user-friendly, and you can basically write anything related to the product in the search bar because the app will try its best to give you what you are looking for.

The only disadvantage the app has is the amount of time the delivery takes, we are in the 21st century and I understand these come from China but in today’s day everyone uses Express delivery and they have such a small selection of products where you can pay for Express Delivery option. Is not the end of the day though, it’s also about luck. For example, I had products which got to me after 4 days ( without the express paid ) and products which arrived to me after three weeks.



All the orders I received were perfectly wrapped and all of them had bubbles foil inside, in order to protect the products.

So boos, in conclusion, if you want to pay a small amount of money and you are patient enough to wait two weeks at least ( or not haha ) for the delivery then you might want to give Wish app a try xx

Any other questions you might have please don’t be shy, you can either email me at or DM me on Instagram  ( @theblondewavess ). I am always happy to chat xx


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